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The Kikay Detective

The Kikay Detective

A kikay fashionista forced to become a private investigator to inherit a detective agency meets a cold, mysterious, and handsome top agent.

Status Forever Alone

Status: Forever Alone

A no-boyfriend-since-birth wedding planner on the verge of giving up on love completely ironically falls in love with a handsome annulment lawyer. 

Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts

Two love-averse individuals found unexpected solace and passion in each other’s arms, swept up in waves of emotion they had never experienced before.

Bwett and Old Memory and Us

Between an Old Memory and Us

A woman whose eight years of memories were erased by an accident was surprised to find out she had lost her once-poor boyfriend, who is now a rich man.

the author

Heart Yngrid has written over a hundred published novels for various publishers, including Precious Hearts Romances, Bookware Publishing, SGE Printers, and most recently, Lifebooks. She is currently publishing her own books. Two of her works have been adapted for television, with one winning Wattpad’s The Wattys. She writes romance, comedy, chick lit, teen fiction, and fantasy.

She likes coffee. Yes, she does, aside from milk tea and hot teas. She needs it to keep herself awake and her creative juices flowing when writing. So, if you want her to keep writing, please buy her a

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Young at Heart will Become a Book Soon!

A 25-year-old woman who looked like a teenager found herself back in high school, disguised as a 17-year-old student with a self-imposed secret mission. However, while working undercover, she met a boy who reminded her that she not only had young looks but also a young heart.


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