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Ever since I exited PHR, I have been keen on putting up an online reading site like Wattpad, but for myself only. But a lot of things need to be considered. Will my readers like the idea of reading on gadgets because they are used to reading physical books? Will I earn a decent amount of money from it? Will my novels be safe from piracy? I became busy with self-publishing, so the idea was immediately put on the back burner.

I kind of took a break from writing for a while due to some personal issues. And I wasn’t able to print my pending books for self-publishing. So, I decided to give the idea a go. I built a website—an online reading platform. I did everything myself, and it’s been quite an experience. I worked nonstop daily until the morning for almost a month. It’s been a lot of work, so I hope it will be worth it. *cross fingers*


HY Stories will be a place for my novels from now on. Readers will have access to all the stories posted here as long as they pay a subscription fee. Uploaded stories will be updated regularly. The site has a built-in e-reader, so it’s easy and convenient to read them. Readers can write a reaction or review below each story or discuss it with other site members at the Member Lounge. Signing up is easy. You just need to Register for an account, and upon logging in, go to the Activation page to complete your payment and activate your account. For free accounts, you’ll get limited access to one free novel and sample chapters only and temporary access to Member Lounge for 3 days.


HY Stories is not only a place to read my novels. It’s also a place where we can interact and build a community of Heart Yngrid readers. That’s why this site has a Discussion Board that you can find in the Member Lounge. There, we can all meet, talk to each other, make friends, discuss the stories you’ve read or anticipate reading, write a review, and ask questions about the site.

There is also this portion in the Member Lounge where readers can ask me anything. Like, anything! Not about the site, but about me and anything you like to ask. And anonymously. I wouldn’t know who sent the questions, so that’s one of the fun parts. Let’s see if I answer your question.


When used online, the term “buy me a coffee” suggests asking for a tip or donation to online content creators (writers who write online are included) to support their work. Also, I like coffee nowadays. I like it more than milk tea now.


I am excited to launch this site and meet all my readers. Please subscribe and buy me a coffee! I hope you all support me in this new venture and won’t get tired of encouraging me to continue writing. I hope I gain new readers and supporters. And I hope to write more novels for you, my dear readers.

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Wishing for a lot of subscribers who buy me coffee,

Heart Yngrid

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Haunted Hearts is about an old, haunted mansion, a psychic with the ability to see the past, a vlogger who wants to solve the mystery of the house, a film director with a strange fascination with ghosts, and three ghosts who are trapped inside the mansion for fifty years.

Haunted Hearts is published by Lifebooks and is available at Shopee, Lazada, and National Book Store branches nationwide. Get your copy now! 

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